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True Review: Your Trusted Source for Senior Care Litigation Experts.

Specializing in pairing legal professionals with seasoned Nursing Home and Assisted Living expert witnesses, True Review offers comprehensive support throughout the litigation process. Our network includes authorities offering expertise in Nursing Home Administration, long term care, compliance, nursing, and all facets of elder care litigation.

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At True Review, we excel in connecting attorneys with eminent Nursing Home and Assisted Living expert witnesses. Our nationwide firm is dedicated to providing exceptional guidance and expertise in Senior Care litigation, ensuring your legal challenges are met with unparalleled support.

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Case Review & Expert Opinion

True Review's rigorously selected experts meticulously analyze case documents to craft in-depth reports, reflecting their deep understanding and experience in the senior care legal landscape. They are adept at providing targeted insights and strategic recommendations tailored to your specific legal needs.

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Expert Witness

Our team boasts extensive experience in senior care litigation, offering reliable testimony in areas critical to your case. From nursing home standards and regulations to detailed analysis of dementia care and infection control, we ensure meticulous preparation for every aspect of your senior care-related legal matters.

The True Review Difference

  • Rapid assessment of all inquiries and case submissions

  • Multidisciplinary team to provide a wide range of expertise

  • Expert knowledge of Federal and State regulations

  • Practical and recent hands-on experience in various Senior Care settings

  • Affidavits of Merit review and filing services

  • Expert Deposition Services

  • Expert Testimony services from subject matter experts (SMEs)

  • Founder is a third-generation Licensed Nursing Home Administrator with a diverse experience leading various Nursing Home and Assisted Livings

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Discover True Review: Your Expert Witness Connection

True Review stands as a leading Expert Witness Firm, committed to linking attorneys with elite experts for exceptional support in Nursing Home and Assisted Living litigation. Our extensive network is tailored to meet all your Senior Care litigation requirements, ensuring unmatched expertise and comprehensive legal assistance across the United States.

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