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Nursing Home Experts for a COVID-19 World

World Class Nursing Home Experts in Operations, Clinical Quality, and Regulatory Compliance with front-line and direct experience during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 


Expert knowledge of COVID-19 Regulatory Framework, Guidance and Response.  Deep understanding of Nursing Home litigations.  Unique review and research methods lead to rapid case validity analysis.  Professionally trained expert witnesses to represent and present case information...

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Express Consultation enabling families, lawyers, and other interested parties to gain access to industry expert information and research


Case Research & Analysis

The approach by the unique Expert Team at True Review’s means your case will be reviewed by the most appropriate Nursing Home Professional – with COVID-19 experience.

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Expert Witness

True Review's Expert Witnesses are experienced in Nursing Home Litigation and have been specially trained to best provide your case with Subject Matter Expert representation.

True Review: Let Us Uncomplicate the World of Nursing Homes and COVID-19

Trusted Representation

Use our 75+ years of Nursing Home experience to ensure you have the information necessary to make important decisions.  Let our experience speak for your case during litigation.


The True Review Difference

  • Founder is World-Class Expert in Nursing Home Operations & Regulatory Compliance

  • Expertise in For-Profit, Non-Profit, and Publicly Traded settings

  • Multidisciplinary Team with COVID-19 experience  

    • Clinical Experts  

    • Regulatory Experts

    • Physicians  

    • Nurse Practitioners

  • Expert knowledge of COVID-19 Regulatory Framework, Guidance, & Response

  • Direct experience with Nursing Home Litigation

  • Rapid assessment of inquiries

  • Expert Testimony services from subject matter experts (SMEs)