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At True Review, we are a leading nationwide Expert Witness Firm dedicated to connecting attorneys with top-tier experts to provide unparalleled support for Nursing Home, Assisted Living, and all aspects of Senior Care-related litigation.

The True Review Difference

Founded in 2020 by a third-generation Nursing Home Administrator, True Review leverages a generational network of senior care professionals to unite under a single organization. Our commitment is to deliver our clients the highest quality expert services, drawing upon the extensive experience of industry-leading professionals in Nursing Home, Assisted Living, and Senior Care across the United States. Our team of experts at True Review encompasses a wide range of specialists, including Licensed Nursing Home Administrators, Registered Nurses (Director of Nursing, Resident Care Director), Physicians (AMDA/MD/Medical Director), CMS Experts, Former CMS Regulatory Enforcement Surveyor Unit Supervisors, Geriatric Nurse Practitioners, Registered Dieticians, Independent Social Workers, and Doctorate Level Therapists (PT/OT/SLP). We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including Expert Review and Opinions for Litigation, Professional Services in Connection with Discovery Requests, Attorney Preparation for Depositions, Affidavits of Merit, General Consulting for Pre-Litigation, and a variety of other consulting or litigation support services. At True Review, our seamless scheduling and business integration professionals are committed to consistently exceeding client expectations. We invite you to book a Free Consultation or learn more about our exceptional team by emailing us at Let us be your trusted partner in achieving success in senior care-related litigation.

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