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Express Consultation enabling families, lawyers, and other interested parties to gain access to industry expert information and research.

  • Review of Case Documents

  • Snapshot assessments

  • Snapshot reports

  • Full (SME) Assessments

  • Comprehensive Reports


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The approach by the unique Expert Team at True Review’s means your case will be reviewed by the most appropriate Nursing Home Professional – with recent hands-on experience.

  • Availability of experts for discussion regarding the scope and severity of findings

  • Independent research and analytics to determine real world case dynamics

  • Timely completion of reviews and affidavits of merit

  • Access to 100+ years of SME in all Nursing Home disciplines and operation


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True Review's Expert Witnesses are experienced in Nursing Home Litigation and have been specially trained to best provide your case with Subject Matter Expert representation.

  • Representing your case with researched examples and a professional confidence only obtained by true SME’s

  • Well-spoken and specially trained expert witnesses with years of Nursing Home litigation research and experience

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